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Name:Transformers Meta,
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Meta Discussion for Transformers
1. I did make the whole comm members locked. This is so we can feel relatively safe discussing things here.

2. Anyone with a DW account can join (when it goes back to invite only, I have invites).

3. We're here to discuss cool things, goofy things, etc, about meta in our shared love, Transformers. Keep in mind: respect is key. We're all smart, but none of us knows it ALL. We all come from different perspectives and have different levels of familiarity with canon, and let's face it, occasional brainfarts about canon (OH RIGHT, that's who that guy was!) . That's good! That's important, and that's what we're here to do: share perspectives. For example, I have a lot of background in second-wave feminist literary theory. I can tell you what that perspective on an issue is. I will not say that that is the RIGHT ANSWER, the ONE TRUE WAY, or the ONLY answer. Nobody has the only answer, especially not in a canon as huge as Transformers.

4. This is not a place for wank or nonsense like that. How do you know if it's wanky?

* It's personal. You're not responding to the point, but the person.
* You're emotional--if you're really angry or pissed off, take a step back and say, hey, getting angry about cartoon robots is silly. I'm going to step away till I calm down.
* Your intention is to hurt someone's feelings. Sure, there's clumsy wording sometimes and some of us are a bit blunt, but if your main goal in your comment is 'Imma smack that person down'...don't act on it.

5. We all want to be safe and respectful here. So that means, people can be banned. Bannable offenses: outright rudeness, namecalling, sniping another person, and breaking the members-lock on this comm ANYWHERE else. That means robots-in-anon, twitter, fandomsecrets, your own DW (esp if you're going to vent about 'what a jackwagon X is over on tf_meta'. You can talk about the issue (here are my thoughts on females, Quintessons, etc) but if you use your own LJ/DW to bitch about someone else and their opinions here, no.) If applicable, we will give a warning first (because let's face it, sometimes we don't word things the best way when we're infospilling, right?), but if you call another member a name, you can presume that you're gone, no warning. If this seems draconian, well, I know, and others know, how hard it is to have a safe conversation. So, in short, best behavior, please.
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